Advantages and disadvantages of permanent makeup

Before you start having to permanent makeup, it is important to know the advantages and disadvantages. In particular, the disadvantages are important to know. This will prevent permanent makeup to be removed or modification. So you better read these pages and be well prepared for what is coming.

Advantages of permanent makeup

  • It saves time and its easy. Every morning you will get out of bed with beautiful eyebrows or eyeliner. You do not have to do anything for it. Also, it is cheaper in the long run, because one has to use less traditional make-up This also goes for cheap makeup, because it still costs more.
  • No more stress to get it the way you want. No more shaky hands.
  • It can hide flaws such as scars, cleft lip, spots or color difference.
  • It can hide a shortage of eyebrow- or eyelashhairs by filling in the open areas.
  • If you are allergic to (cheap) makeup, permanent makeup is the solution.
  • No shed of lipstick or stained teeth with permanent makeup for lips.
  • Fuller lips and better accentuated eyes.
  • Easy when you sport alot. Look good before and after a training.
  • No more make-up runout through tears.


Disadvantages of permanent makeup

  • It can cause infection and scarring.
  • The result can be not what you expected. These results are then permanent. Modifying or removal of does not have to undo the result.
  • PMU can fade over time,  through damage or lifestyle
  • The style in which it is applied is difficult to adjust. When you have to make for example angled eyebrows, it is difficult to adjust it.
  • It may be out of fashion, so you are stuck to it.