Permanent makeup for Beautyspots

(Semi) Permanent makeup can be used to redefine your lipeye or eyebrow contours, but it also can be used to create something that never has been there. This can be the situation when you want to get a beautyspot. Beautyspots can be placed everywhere. But most of the times beautyspots are above or below the (corner) lips,t below the nose or around the eyes. These are the “set” places of beautyspots. Nevertheless beauty is subjective and therefore it can be placed where you think its beautiful. It matters what you think is beautiful for you. Beautyspots are not done any differently then other permanent cosmetics.
Beautyspots are very subtile and dispite of there smallness can leave a strong memory of someones beauty behind. Want that little extra eye-cathing spot? Then a permanent makeup beautyspot can be the answer.

Risks of permanent makeup for a Beautyspot

  • There is a risk that the permanent beautyspot creats a skin reaction. In some cases, the skin reactions can lead to skin flakes, blistering, infection, or permanent scarring.
  • There is the risk that the shape, color or size is not what you expect it to be. Modification or removal of is a costly thing.
  • Some of the colors tend to fade after a few years .