Permanent makeup for the eyes

Do you want beautiful accentuated eyes? Permanent eyeliner like Cleopatra? Permanent makeup makes it possible

When applying permanent eyeliner they put pigment in the eyelid with a device that has been specially developed for the thin skin. The pigment wil be applied just above the eyelashes..The result of this is a beautiful permanent eyeliner that accentuates your eyes. Never again you will spend hours applying correct beautiful eyeliner by yourself.

Why permanent makeup for your eyes?

It saves time and it’s easy

Because the eyeliner is permanent, you will wake up in the morning with beautiful eyes. The time of standing in front of the mirror getting your eyes in fashion is over, your eyes already are in perfect condition. More time for you to properly eat your breakfast.

No more flared lines and stress because the lines are odd or the shape is off. No more erasing and starting over again. You can go in nightlife anytime without planning with your permanent eyeliners.

Personal limitations and allergies

People with lenses or shaky hands may have trouble applying eyeliner. With permanent makeup for the eyes, these problems are gone for good. This includes people with allergies to normal makeup or people with oily skin. These conditions make it difficult to bring and keep the makeup on.

Shortage of eyelashes

Some people have a deficiency of or too thin eyelashes. Eyeliner can make sure that they look normal because the eyeliner fills the gap.

It hides flaws

Permanent makeup for eyeliners can be used to hide defects in the skin such as blemishes, scars and color differences.

Risks of permanent makeup for eyeliner

  • There is the risk that the permanent eyeliner causes a skin reaction. In some cases, the skin reactions can lead to skin flakes, blistering or permanent scarring.
  • In some cases, one can develop scars, keloids or local infection.
  • There is the risk that the shape, color or size is not what is expected. Modification or removal of this is a costly undertaking.
  • Some of the colors tend to fade after a few years.

Different kinds of permanent makeup for the eyes

There are different kinds of permanent makeup for the eyes. Something for everyone. See the list below.

Eyelash accentuation

Eyelash accentuation

Permanent eyeliner is the easiest way to make your eyelashes look darker, longer, closer together, and thus make it look more voluptuous. With this form of permanent makeup, the dark color is applied close to the lashes.So that the color seems part of the eyelashes.



Formative eyeliner


Formative eyeliner

Specially designed for striping the contour of the eye. With this technique, the eyeliner will be extended to the outside of your eye. As a result, your eyes appear bigger and brighter.



Colored eyeliner

Colored eyeliner

The colored eyeliner will make your eyes stand out even more, it brings out the natural color of your eyes.
Especially women later in life love the colored eyeliner because of the stress of trying to put make-up on their thin and wrinkled skin. Ofcourse its also useful for young women who want to let their eyecolor stand out.