Permanent makeup for the lips

Do you want beautiful full looking lips? Beautiful accentuated liplines? Or a more beautiful color lips? Permanent makeup for lips can offer a nice solution.

With permanent makeup for lips, color is applied in the lines of the lips. The lips will then be filled with a matching color. This is done just like any other permanent makeup, by inserting a color pigment in the skin. The result is a beautiful colored lips. The days you are uncertain about your lips are gone.

Why permanent makeup for the lips?

Saves time and its easy

Just as with the eyeliner and the eyelashes, you will get up in the morning with lips already made up perfectly. Start your day confident. You don’t have to stay in front of the mirror for a half hour to do you make up. You can spend your time better with permanent makeup for the lips. No more stress because your lips are drawn odd. You don’t have to erase the make up and start all over again.

No discoloration of teeth or release of lipstick

Permanent makeup for your lips prevents your teeth getting a red tint from the lipstick you put on your lips. Never again do you have to laugh with the fear of stained teeth. Besides discoloration of teeth it also helps to prevent staining glass.Enjoy a glass of wine? No more dirty glasses in the restaurant.

It hides flaws

Do you not have a natural beautiful red lips? That problem is solved with permanent make up. Also a small cleft lip can be masked with permanent makeup, for example by bringing in a lip liner and set the colors. By applying the right colors on to your lips, they appear fuller than they are.

Permanent makeup for the lips improves the following points:

  • The lip definition
  • The symmetry of the lips
  • Decay of color when getting older.
  • Preventing darkening of the color by for example smoking
  • It hides having thin lips

De types of permanent makeup for the lips:

Because each pair of lips is different, it is important that there is a treatment for everyone. Below is an overview of what the treatments are:





This technique uses pigment to make a line on the natural edges of the lips. This will accentuate your lips better.Therefore it ensures that there is a subtle way of getting attention for your lips.



Lip design


Lip design

With lip design it is the intention to reform the lips, because some people have odd lips. By means of this lip design this can be restored. By applying a lip liner the contours of the lips can be adjusted. This way it seems like the contours of the lips are perfect. The color of the lips are also amended so that the whole look is perfect.


Full lip makeup

Full lip makeup

In this technique, a lip liner is applied and the lips fully colored. This makes your lips always in full, perfectly colored state.It also gives a kind of lip gloss effect to your lips.




Risks of permanent makeup for lips

  • Permanent makeup can cause skin reactions, such as blisters, infections and scarring.
  • There is always the risk that the result is not as expected. Modification or removal is an expensive, difficult and often painful process.
  • Unlike with eyebrows, the permanent makeup of lips can not be hidden with hairgrowth.
  • There is always the risk that colors fade.