The procedure of applying permanent makeup

Before you decide to get permanent makeup for beautiful eyebrows, eyes or perfect lip liner, it is important to have an impression on how the procedure goes. will give you an view of this. To get the best results and to keep these results ,it is important that you perform the following steps properly.

Step plan before treatment

It is important to organize somethings for the treatment This prevents you from ending up in a situation unprepared. The plan consists of:

  • Please note that you don’t look at your best immediately after the treatment. This is due to the swelling and the healing process.
  • Make sure you have straws ( lipliner ), napkins, and painkillersat home. Also make sure that you don’t need to do dirty work immediately after treatment.
  • Make sure you do not wear your best clothes during treatment, the pigment can get on your clothes . It is usually easy to wash out, but it’s better to be cautious.
  • Don’t use  alcohol or drugs from the day before. Also make sure you do not have burnt skin. It is better not to burden the skin.
  • Do not wear contact lenses on the day of treatment ( eyeliner ). Take sun glasses, your eyes can be a bit sensitive.
  • Do not use make-up. This is 2 days prior to treatment for the eyes or eyebrows. This is also includes an eyelash curler. Eyebrow plucking or waxing not for 2 days prior to treatment.
  • When you have your eyes lasered or you have stinging and irritated eyes, consult your doctor.
  • If you suffer from coldsores for example , you will need an antiviral treatment.
  • Have you had a lip surgery (cleft lip correction), consult your doctor.
  • Dentures , braces , tongue piercing , lip ring and smoking can lead to higher risk of mold, bacteria and viruses. This has to be taken into account. Consult your doctor.


Step plan of the permanent makeup treatment

Not every beauty salon or makeup studio makes the same steps in their treatment. But the step plan below is a good summary. A treatment for permanent makeup usually consists of two treatments:

Treatment 1

  •  Some beauty salons use a ointment around the area to be treated, for disinfection, anesthesia, or for the comfort of the client.
  • The eyebrows and / or eyelashes undergo brushing. This causes the eyebrows and / or eyelashes to get in their natural form and removed loose hairs.
  • Then, in different ways, a sketch is made of how the eyebrows, eyeliner or lipliner outline will look like. De customers accepts it.
  • Subsequently, the pigment is applied, often in several layers.
  • At various stadia the specialist will  see if both sides are equal and symmetrical. If neccessary this gets corrected.
  • Then it is checked whether the shape, symmetry, and the pigmentation is good and the pigment that is not in the skin is removed.
Treatment 2
  • In the second treatment it is checked whether the initial treatment was successful.
  • Any holes or imperfections are corrected.
  • Shape and color are optimized.


Step plan after treatment

Aftercare is very important. With proper aftercare the quality of the permanent makeup is better guaranteed andmore durable. Bad aftercare can cause scarring to occur, so one has to go back for modification or camouflage. Therefore it is important to follow these steps.

  • Permanent makeup should be treat as if it were a wound. Therefore expect that it can be itchy, peeling, and that fluid may come out. It also heals in the same way .
  • The treatment zone may be cooled. No direct cooling, but indirect cooling  Don’t do this too long and in stages .
  • Keep the area moist with ointment. Also, antibiotic ointment is recommended to prevent infections. But use it only for 2 to 3 days .
  • If an allergic reaction, inflammation, non- healing or severe irritation occurs, immediately contact a specialist or a doctor.
  • Avoid heavy physical exertion. Elevated blood pressure can cause blood vessels to burst.
  • Do not scratch, rub or wipe on or over the treated area . Not even wound scabs. Keep the area clean. Beware that there are no acids or chemicals in the soaps that can raise a reaction.
  • Do not hit your face in the pillow when you are lying in bed.
  • Do not swim for two weeks .
  • Avoid the sun and tanning beds .
  • Stay in a clean environment .
  • Do not use makeup or other unnecessary creams. Also no teeth whitening.
  • Drink and eat without touching your lips. This prevents damage and infections .
  • Do not stretch your mouth to far off when talking or laughing.

The exterior healing process can take up to 10 days. The whole process up to 2 months.

Now that you’re familiar with the whole process from beginning to end, you can now finally choose whether you want to apply permanent makeup. This can be the eyebrows, eyes or lips